Permanent & Executive Placement

We have a professional team dedicated to Permanent and Executive Search serving our North American clients. We have successfully placed Experienced Analyst Staff level resources through Sr Director, Vice President, and Partner level executives. Our core team has worked as IT and consulting professionals so we are well positioned to truly understand candidate skill requirements, culture issues and their anticipated role in the organization. We can even work with you to analyze your current organization and define strategic profiles to meet critical needs. Our experienced team can also quickly screen and assess a candidate’s traits that suit your specific needs. In addition, we maintain a strong network of personal relationships and routinely screen the best and brightest candidates for future needs. While we have access to the latest internet databases and social networking sites, our personal network is our first source for top candidates.

Permanent and Executive Recruiting is a critical cornerstone of our business.

We understand that our client’s success depends on building and maintaining a flexible team of resources made up of permanent employees and temporary contract personnel. We have the resources, processes and tools necessary to effectively be a dependable resource to fill your work force needs– both permanent and temporary.

  • Prior to conducting a Permanent Search, we work hard to understand your business: organization, solutions and key leadership. We like to understand core solutions and future growth areas as well as skills you plan to build and sustain internally and those skills, often specialized, that you typically will not develop internally.
  • Likewise, we work with your team to understand how you like to do business: everything from legal agreements to the process for identifying a need, submitting candidates to on-boarding. It is our goal to listen to your needs and to act quickly and over communicate to help ensure a smooth process with our client and our candidates.
  • We have invested in multiple automated tools to ensure we can track and manage our process internally and that we take advantage of the latest technology to identify candidates.
  • Most importantly we hire enthusiastic, experienced professionals that have worked in the IT professional services and consulting environment. We understand your solutions and skills desired as well as the demand for quality and sense of urgency. This also helps us quickly assess a candidate’s experience and fit for your position.

We follow a specific process to best fill your needs:

  1. Background research on our Client’s business, key success factors and future plans.
  2. Review and Execute MSA and processes and procedures for working together.
  3. Understand Job Requirements – We will work to ensure that we have a full understanding of your job requirements and environment regarding technical and cultural dynamics. We will also discuss your expectations including: target start date, hourly rate, citizenship/visa requirements, technical experience, location, and what makes your organization unique.
  4. Source – We utilize our network, referral programs, social media, our internal database, and traditional head hunting techniques in order to find quality candidates.
  5. Qualify – We will screen resumes and online profiles of many potential candidates. We will narrow the candidate pool based on your specifications and conduct phone interviews with those who most closely meet your requirements. We will assess the potential fit of these individuals with your organization based on their past experience, career desires, and what we know about your culture and expectations.
  6. Present – Unless instructed otherwise, we will present candidates via email including bulleted highlights pertaining to the candidate and his/her resume in a standardized format.
  7. Interview – We will assist in scheduling interviews with your team as necessary. (phone, face to face, web-based).
  8. Offer Negotiations & Onboarding – We will present offers verbally in order to get verbal acceptance from the candidate(s) and work with you and our candidate to help close the candidate. Once all terms are agreed upon, we will communicate with client and candidate(s) and determine next steps.