Tips And Advice

Finding your next contract or permanent position teaming with eCommQuest will be a pleasant and professional process. We have experienced Resource Managers that will connect you to opportunities at some of the top companies globally in a wide variety of skill and knowledge areas. We do our homework with our clients and candidates to help ensure a great fit and no surprises. We strive for a long-term relationship with you and it all begins with the recruiting process. Here are a few helpful tips for working with the eCommQuest team:

Please be responsive

Many of our opportunities are urgent or have many candidates applying for the same position. It is critical that you respond to our calls or emails in a timely manner. We know you are busy and we will not waste your time with opportunities that do not match your skill set or income expectations.

Be Clear about your wants and needs

Please be up front about your thoughts about a proposed opportunity. Discuss clearly your availability, rate, travel restrictions, work hours expectations and likelihood that you would accept the position if offered. We know all of our positions will not be right for everyone. Clear communications helps ensure we don’t waste your or our clients’ time.

Don’t over sell your capabilities or experience

Our clients come to us with a wide variety of needs across many industries for everything from developers to senior program managers. We will likely ask you if you have very specific skills, industry experience and supervisory experience. Be honest and up front about your capabilities. Tell us if you think it is not a good fit. It is better to find an opportunity that is truly a great fit than to take something where you, the client and eCommQuest will be unhappy with the results.

Be flexible

Flexibility is often required to find the best opportunity. From conducting multiple interviews to negotiating work travel logistics. Be sure to remember that the best relationships are those that are fair to both parties – you and our client. Make it a win-win relationship.

Be prepared

Be sure we have your latest resume that reflects your most recent experience. Study to gain an understanding of the client, work environment and specific needs they are trying to fill. Prepare for an interview by thinking about the types of questions you may be asked, examples of when you applied critical skills and the different types of industries and project environments you have worked in. Speak clearly, ideally from a quiet place where you can focus on the interview.

Stay in touch

We strive for long-term relationships with our consultants. Be sure to keep us up-to-date with your latest resume and contact information. Likewise, if you prefer contract work, we always want to know when you anticipate being available for your next assignment. And when you meet peers doing great work do not hesitate to refer them to eCommQuest.

We look forward to getting to know you and building a long term, trust based relationship. We feel confident you will see eCommQuest as a valued partner as you take your next career step.