Contract Staffing

Contract or temporary staffing of IT professionals is the original foundation of eCommQuest’s business. We also provide contract-to-hire resources if desired. Whether you are seeking to add a single specific resource to meet a deadline or looking to partner on staffing a complex global project, we are ready to support you.

  • We work hard to develop one-on-one, long term relationships with our consulting resources.
  • This leads to repeat staffing assignments so we develop trust and a good knowledge of a resource’s background and strengths and weaknesses.
  • We also utilize our robust internal database along with leading external sites and social networking avenues to identify and maintain relationships with the best candidates in specific skill, industry and geographic areas.
  • We have a multi-step process to screen and verify a candidate’s identity, work status and work experience.
  • We will also provide video interviewing and testing if desired.
  • We work to not only find the best resource, but look for creative staffing, pricing and quality control opportunities to ensure we are a value-added partner.

We follow a specific process to best fill your needs:

  1. Background research on our Client’s business, key success factors and future plans.
  2. Review and Execute MSA and processes and procedures for working together.
  3. Understand Job Requirements – We will work to ensure that we have a full understanding of your job requirements and environment regarding technical and cultural dynamics. We will also discuss your expectations including: target start date, hourly rate, citizenship/visa requirements, technical experience, location, and what makes your organization unique.
  4. Source – We utilize our network, referral programs, social media, our internal database, and traditional head hunting techniques in order to find quality candidates.
  5. Qualify – We will screen resumes and online profiles of many potential candidates. We will narrow the candidate pool based on your specifications and conduct phone interviews with those who most closely meet your requirements. We will assess the potential fit of these individuals with your organization based on their past experience, career desires, and what we know about your culture and expectations.
  6. Present – Unless instructed otherwise, we will present candidates via email including bulleted highlights pertaining to the candidate and his/her resume in a standardized format.
  7. Interview – We will assist in scheduling interviews with your team as necessary. (phone, face to face, web-based).
  8. Onboarding – We will work with you to confirm consultants, agree upon terms, conduct background checks, onboard resources.