Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most frequent questions from candidates working with eCommQuest. We hope that the below information gives you a little more insight into what to expect and how to succeed with eCommQuest..

Yes! eCommQuest works with candidates in three ways: direct or permanent placement, contract-to-hire and contract positions.
Working with eCommQuest provides you access to a wide array of projects with a diverse client base. We can help you find contract, contract-to-hire or permanent positions. We will be happy to work with you on fine tuning your resume, discussing compensation and understanding any preferences or restrictions you have regarding your desired position. Most importantly, you’ll find a group of professionals dedicated to matching the best candidates to the best companies.
No, there is no fee to the applicant.
We will review your resume, enter you into our database and likely contact you to clarify any items on your resume. When we have a position that matches your experience, a Resource Manager will contact you to schedule an interview to review your background and job search criteria. This Resource Manager will be your main point of contact throughout your relationship with eCommQuest.
Never. Your resume will not be distributed anywhere without your prior consent. Your Resource Manager will discuss the job description, location, work environment and any applicable information with you before sending your resume to any of our Client Companies.
The length of an assignment will vary from client to client and project to project. Some are as short as 6 weeks and some last as long as 2 or more years. The average contract assignment is about 8-10 months.
We pay our W2 employees every two weeks. Approved expenses will also be paid in this same cycle.
As a W2 contractor, eCommQuest will take care of all your payroll deductions for you. If you are an Independent Contractor, you will be responsible for your own payroll deductions. We have a rigid Independent Contractor qualification process that each Independent Contractor must complete in order to qualify for this status.
In addition to contract work, eCommQuest offers full-time job opportunities. If you are thinking of a career change, contact eCommQuest to discuss your background and future career objectives. Our list of open permanent positions is constantly changing so getting into our database is important. Some of our consultants also work on what’s called a “contract-to-hire” basis. In this scenario, a professional is brought in to work on a short-term project. Then, if the situation is a good fit, the opportunity could transition into a full-time position.
The demand for skills varies quite a bit based on the economy and the latest technology, regulatory or consumer trends. Sometimes it can be only a few days or it could be several weeks to a couple of months. The best thing to do is to ensure we have your latest resume and expected availability. We will then match you against any positions that come up that fit your skills and objectives.